Enzo and the bakers
The Great Notch Inn
Mike Kenny-Drums

Out of time
You don't know like I know
Blame me>Don't fight it feel it
Slip away
Just like Tom thumbs blues
Wild night
Not fade away>No one to run with>Not fade away
Happy birthday Danielle
Forever young
You can't do that

Mercy mercy mercy
Up on cripple creek
Treat her rite
Rave on
You got me hummin
Miss you>Papa was a rolling stone>Miss you
Such a night
The weight>Dear prudence>Three little birds
I wish it would rain>Blue sky tease>Franklins tower>Where it all begins tease

Dead flowers-Tom Strauss drums
Ramrod-Danielle Bevere Hammond Organ-Rich Hempel drums
Runaway-Rich Hempel drums
Dizzy miss-lizzy Rich Hempel drums
Wake up little Suzy-Rich Hempel drums
Only rock and roll-Rich Hempel drums
Waitin on a friend- Rich Hempel drums
Let's get it on
What's going on

Enzo And The Bakers Setlist
Tierney’s Tavern Music Festival

You Dont Know Like I Know
Whats Goin On
Up On Cripple Creek
Higher And Higher
Tighten Up
Let It Bleed
Blame Me>Dont Fight It Feel it
You Got Me Hummin
Be Thankful
Miss You>Papa Was A Rolling Stone>
Miss You
Not Fade Away>Rebel Rouser>
But Naked>
No One To Run With>
Not Fade Away
Talk To Me
I Wish It Would Rain>Blue Sky Tease>Franklins Tower
Promised Land
Treat Her Right
Dead Flowers
Back In The USA>Saints Go Marching In

Enzo And The Bakers
Live At The Great Notch Inn 6.6.15

Ant Tamburro Voc/Guitar
Lou Bevere Guitar/Voc
Vin Vollero Piano/Voc
Jerry Cordasco Drums
Matt Gehringer Hammond
Chris Smith Bass/Voc
V.D King Sax/Guitar/Voc
Paul Corona drums
Rich Hempel drums 

Set list:
Lou tells Anthony "it's your birthday you can do any songs you want tonight" 
It was very interesting.

1st Set:
Simple twist of fate
Anthony talks about Facebook birthday requests. "I don't like it I don't do it but then I do it it's very complex"
Cry to me
Be thankful 
Ant talks about having Thai food before the gig and it seems to be repeating on him
You don't know like I know 
I've got the world on a string-Ant says"when you get older these are the kinds of songs you sing"
Slip away 
State trooper
Streets of fire
What's going on
I got everything I need> Don't fight it feel it
No money down
Everybody needs somebody>F**k Chili's
Sweet Jane
Slow down

2nd Set:
Happy Birthday 
Up on Cripple Creek
Higher and higher
Tighten up
Let it bleed
Miss you>Papa was rolling>miss you
Well alright 
Subterranean homesick blues
Let's fool around-Vd voc/gtr
San Antone-Vd voc/gtr
I saw the light-Vd gtr
Dead flowers-Vd gtr 
Treat her right-Vd gtr 
Ant talks about Jerry always traveling
Traveling man (tease)
I wish it would rain>Tangled up in blue-Paul drums
Sex machine-Paul drums
Bad boy
All my loving
Love minus zero/No limits
Around and around-Rich drums
Rock and roll music-Rich drums
Whitney Houston I wanna dance with somebody-Rich drums
Madonna Into the groove-Rich drums
The weight
Love me
Burning love>Bang the drum
My generation
Ballad of John and Yoko-Chris Smith voc
You never can tell
Jackie Wilson said (Acappella Lou/Ant)